Saturday, 28 February 2015

A day may come when someone takes a picture of an owl that doesn't look pissed off. But it is not this day!

Owls are the cats of the avian world. They are nocturnal, prey on mice, can be incredibly cute, love cuddling, and their usual expression, when taken out of context, is very, very grumpy - just like cats.

 1. "What'cha lookin' at?"

2. A little puff of anger

3. "Owl get you!"

4. Old people be like: "Get the fuck off my lawn!"

5. Teeny, weeny, pot of mad

From Igimur user Locaha
6. "Talk to me after I've had my coffee."
angry owl
Excellent pohoto from Niamh Sage

7. Somehow I feel that I'm responsible for the grass in his beak
Angry Owl
Via Heather Hitchman - check out her Flickr profile, it's great!

8. Patience is vital in this world of idiots.

9. "This isn't even my final form."

10. Angry whet owl (sýc americký)

11. Hedwig was not in the mood that day...

12. "Come on, ask me if I work at Hooter's. See what happens."

13. "I'm very disappointed, Harry."

14. Samuel Owl Jackson

15. "Do I look like a penguin to ya?"

16. I think I pissed him off...

17. I guess we're in trouble.

18. The owls are not what they seem.

19. "Owl kill you and your whole family!"

20. "YOU are next."

Of course, owls make popular memes.







27. They can be confused...

28. They can be funny.

29. They can be scary.

30. They can be verging on psychopathy.


32. Pure evil.

33. A bird of prey indeed.

Bonus: A couple of kind peope found an injured owl and brought it to an animal rescue organization. This is the photoshoot the scared and angry owl gave them for saving its life :-)

While driving to work last week we found a large, great horned owl on the side of the freeway next to a tall concrete wall. He could fly, but not very well (he looked like he may have gotten clipped by a car). 
We caught him in mid-flight before it got out in traffic and I somehow managed to not get bitten or ripped open by his claws. 
We were on the way to work so we had to bring him with us. 
He was pretty mad so it was really tricky to photograph him. I had to hold him with one hand in my lap and work the camera with the other hand. 
One of the homeowners we met with that day gave us a box, so that made things quite a bit easier. 

Original story here

As of their final update, the owl was fine and about to be released into the wild again.

Of course, it sparkled some memes:

And finally, a video of a grumpy owl (don't have audio at max)

Owls rock!

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