Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Best of Twitter re: Hvorostovsky

Kathrine_A: On my desktop there is now a lovely wallpaper of Dima Hvorostovsky. (Yes, I'm twelve.:) Though listening to Jussi Björling at the moment.

24601_: Just went to see Dimitri Hvorostovsky, he signed my DVD and I told him to come to Chicago more often. I love him.

LLSi: Meninas, esqueçam Brad Pitt. Dmitri Hvorostovsky não é feio, além de ser um dos melhores cantores da atualidade. (Girls, forget Brad Pitt. Dmitri Hvorostovsky is not ugly, besides being one of the best singers of our time)

andrewpatner: Dmitri Hvorostovsky makes Rigoletto his own at Ravinia with the CSO

Still in clouds after opera Rigoleto last nite w/Dmitri Hvorostovsky, most gorgeous baritone in opera.

icmanu43: Mood of the moment: Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin with Fleming, Hvorostovsky and Vargas under Gergiev. Few things are as painfully beautiful.

LutheranLucciol: Dmitri Hvorostovsky is coming to SF Opera! Hello, sexual sin. Some women actually go to hear his voice, too. (I'm joking....sort of).

Petruccl: Hvorostovsky rocks my world...


#iamsinglebecause Dmitri Hvorostovsky is still not divorced.
#iamsinglebecause I couldn't say his name to the priest
#iamsinglebecause still can't spell his name

Opera_is_Sexy @thaisinhafc Dmitri Hvorostovsky is such a Hottie! I have an #operacrush on him! lol

tommydavidson: Spent time with Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Arguably the world's greatest baritone. Believe my wife would have left me in 5 seconds for this dude

Stickolofogus has a HUGE crush on Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Like seriosly HUGE!

musicbizkid: I think today I'll listen to nothing but Dmitri Hvorostovsky singing "Ja vas lyublyu" That oughtta kill my ambition to make music ever again


  1. Frufru, where did you find such a perfect photo of Dima as Di Luna? It is perfection! He looks so severe and brooding! I tried googling it, but no avail! It is the pic at the side, you said you were angry.

  2. Here you can find (nearly) all my pictures of Dima. The one you are referring to is towards the bottom, about fourth line from the end.

    1. frufru! Queria muito sua coleção de fotos do Dima. O endereço recusou. Confere se mudou algo, por favor. Grata.

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!! You photo album is staggeringly amazing! How on Earth did you aquire all those awesome photos? You even have photos I did not exist! Thanks so so so very much!The photos from "IL TROVATORE" are so visceral and graphic! I love them!

  4. Glad you like them. Some of them are from sites in Russian, some of them are no longer on the Internet. I don't remember if I put the wallpapers made by me there, too.
    Be sure to hit "download", if you want to have them in full resolution.

  5. thanks for letting us know about the concert in Prague!

  6. Could anyone tell me if Hvorostovsly is always such a no-fan of his fans or just yesterday it was just a bad day for him?
    One ought to give him his due, at least he came out to sign his CDs (that might be actually not because he was courteous to his public, it could as well be the contract terms ;-) because at his last concert in Royal Festival Hall with Netrebco he did not show up even though there were quite a lot of people waiting outside - mind it was January, not exactly all-night-part season. Anyway, this time he DID honour fans with his presence. And what do you think, smiling, being nice, gracious? Far from it. Quite opposite I'd say. And why may I ask? Could it be because one stupid plonker did not turn his stupid mobile off - all of nearly 2000 people (judging by the Hall capacity) were to be looked down at with disdain? Or it is his usual manner?
    I'd rather think that that ring tone was the cause - otherwise it is sad to know that such a great gift is given to someone who does not regard his fans with due respect. Sorry if it sounds off, but i personally will not come any more, nor will I bring friends - if it is too much for him to be courteous, I'd think it is too much for me to travel to listen to His Divine Highness, I'd rather go to hear those who have a bit of class to them.

  7. @bibidibuda: I guess he's a bit moody and a bit restrained. Also, imagine, he performs a concert of emotionally wrenching music and then he must go on and spend like an hour signing countless CDs. And no, he doesn't have to do it; I had the bad luck of travelling to Munich for a concert with Kissin and neither gave autographs, even though they did a few days back in Frankfurt.
    Actually, it's not that super-common for them to have signing sessions after the concert. Neither did he here in Prague, and as far as I know neither did Terfel, Sumi Jo, Fleming, Domingo... not even mentioning the instrumentalists. The only exceptions that I've seen were Garanča and Yuja Wang.