Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jan Martiník: A New Hope for Czech Opera

['jan 'marciɲi:k] This young Czech bass at first wanted to study Medicine, like his father. Luckily, his talent was discovered when he was still at secondary school. Since then, he has been third at the Elena Obrazcova's competition in Moscow, a finalist of Operalia, and a winner of the Art Song Prize at the Cardiff Singer of the World competition.

Here's why:

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  1. Hello frufru. It's very, very beautiful what Martinik does with Tchaikovsky. You made me discover a singer I'm totally eager to follow. Feel free to post new Martinik vids when you want to : you'll make me happy (and I bet I won't be the only one). Can I post the Tchaikovsky vid on my blog btw ? I'll give you credit, of course, and I'll link your blog and your youtube page.