Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mario Lanza - L'alba separa de la luce l'ombra (Tosti)

My all-time favourite tenor sings an incredibly beautiful and sad Italian art song. It is even more sad when you consider that it was recorded only months before his untimely death.

Francesco Paolo Tosti / Gabriele D'Annunzio

L'alba separa dalla luce l'ombra,
E la mia volutta' dal mio desire.
O dolce stelle, l'ora di morire.
Un piu' divino amor dal ciel vi sgombra.

Pupille ardenti, O voi senza ritorno
Stelle tristi, spegnetevi incorrotte!
Morir debbo. Veder non voglio il giorno,
Per amor del mio sogno e della notte.

O Notte, nel tuo sen materno,
Mentre la terra pallida s'irrora.
Ma che dal sangue mio nasca l'aurora
E dal sogno mio breve il sole eterno!
E dal sogno mio breve il sole eterno!


The dawn divides the darkness from light,
And my sensual pleasure from my desire,
O sweet stars, it is the hour of death.
A love more holy clears you from the skies.

Gleaming eyes, O you who'll ne'er return,
sad stars, snuff out your uncorrupted light!
I must die, I do not want to see the day,
For love of my own dream and of the night.

Envelop me,
O Night, in your maternal breast,
While the pale earth bathes itself in dew;
But let the dawn rise from my blood
And from my brief dream the eternal sun!
And from my brief dream the eternal sun!


  1. FruFru: Your readers may find this audio copy of Lanza's L'Alba Separa more to their liking:'AlbaSepara-final.mp3

    It's warmer than the somewhat harsh sound heard on the youtube clip.

    An interesting discussion on Lanza's recording of this song can also be read here:

    All the best
    Derek McGovern

  2. Thank you, Derek. I wish I could upload some Lanza vids to YouTube, too (re: poor quality of the vid), but I fear to use material from CDs. Yesterday I had to delete my beloved video about Prague because I used a recording of Slavonic Dances. I don't want to have my account deleted! Concerts from Russia are much safer to upload :-)